They F********d Bebo

8 Jan

Bastards. They’ve gone and Facebooked Bebo.

I’ve had my 6 months fill of Facebook, and that includes a 3 month festive season being pelted with virtual snowballs more capable of pissing me off than the real thing. What is the point of Facebook? Every day I receive email notifications from friends (some of them are even flesh and blood ones I’ve known for over thirty years) only to logon to Facebook and find yet another stuffed toy, or a balloon full of fat male strippers, or a 10 year old hoax (that was a scary revelation on Snopes, web hoaxes over 10 years old… <shudder>) or even worse a 25 year old hoax that didn’t have the decency to retire disgracefully to Cyprus before the Web got hold of it. And not just the one copy, oh no, why have one when you can have half a dozen? Incidentally unless that’s glasses of red wine then I’m not interested – real glasses, ones I can pick up and try not to drop.

Burmese MonksThat’s all just annoying though. Nearly half a million people clicked to join the Facebook group Support the Monk’s protest in Burma and I’m ashamed to say I’m one of them. Not that it’s a bad group, it’s actually quite well run and up to date and disseminates information globally telling people where and how they can support the Monks. But I betcha a pound to a pinch of shit I’m only one of countless thousands who clicked on Join this group only for my fickle mind to flit off some-virtual-where else and not give a second thought to the Burmese Monks. I didn’t sign a petition, I didn’t join a march or a protest, I didn’t turn up at any meetings and I didn’t donate one single penny to their cause. And I’m only in ONE of these advocacy/protest groups on Facebook, some of the people in my networks are in loads, and I cannot believe they actively support them all, so they make no difference whatsoever, they are totally and utterly ineffectual. Sad innit? that clicking on Join this group is enough to relieve us of any responsibility to act. We give nothing, not of ourselves, our time, our money, our effort.

Support the Monks? Don’t just click.


One Response to “They F********d Bebo”

  1. Mr W January 8, 2008 at 11:10 pm #

    You are spot on… I think that there’s a real need for a simple ‘widget-free’ tool that we can actually use. I suspect that’s part of the reason Twitter has been so successful… it’s not full of cr*p…

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