Born Too Late

20 Feb

Santa got the kids a Wii for Christmas and I’m stiff as a stiff thing starched and left out in the freezing cold. I’m using some muscles that are clearly disgusted that they’ve been found. They were more than happy to have spent my thirties atrophying away and were no doubt relishing the prospect of a long and happy retirement starting in my forties… actually it might not be that long given the level of my fitness. My Wii fitness age today is 26. Which is pure doss. Yesterday it was 65. Today I feel 65…. I hope to feel 26 tomorrow. I shall endeavour to get addicted to this little white box, it is a better addiction than food, and more economical.

I read all over the place that Nintendo were chasing my demographic with this product, for I am female and I am old. I was scoring pretty high before I switched it on. What’s tickled me sideways is all the old NES, SNES and N64 games they have made available for download and that can be played with the Wii controller. It’s been like riding a clanky, pixelated bike. Munkeeb is both horrified and smug, he’s off to write something better than Legend of Zelda on Scratch, so he says, Bloody show-off. If I’d been a teenage Mum I might have had a multi-millionaire on my hands now.


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