Drama Out Of A Crisis

20 Feb

I took a little dip into blog fiction this week.

It’s something else on my creaking back burner for that elusive day in the far future when I finally graduate (start Career 2.0, learn to play piano, watercolour, hang kitchen door, blog regularly in the guise of someone considerably more interesting and talented than myself…. that sort of back burner).

The other half sent me a link to The Dominie’s Chronicle and the synopsis intrigued me enough to take a rollback to the beginning and read it all. It’s a strange story told by an RE teacher in Edinburgh a month after an avian flu pandemic has wiped out nearly 2 million people in the city. You could do a lot with that couldn’t you? Or not. This is one seriously twisted story. I can barely imagine what sort of mind can set up such a post-pandemic apocalyptic hell as the backdrop to this story, then whitter on about Bebo and Facebook and getting kids back to school. I concluded it was just too bloody weird to stick with, and I don’t mean good weird, I mean weird as in 75% of the workforce disappear but they are still able to go shopping and weird as in an deserted streets, no looting and no sign of the 2 million corpses – they must have been cremated by the 25% of the workforce left who must all be (a) undertakers or (b) work in Tesco.


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