I'm Just a Know-It-All

21 Feb

I have a new addiction. Yahoo Answers.ya.jpg

I need some sleep. Sweet, sweet, sleep. But I can’t because people need me. Thousands of people the world over are clinically incapable of searching Google for information. Information that is out there in the public domain for all to see. It’s a crisis of international proportions. They must live in some of the most oppressed societies in the world, perhaps where Google is limited or blocked altogether? Who knows? But along with Google there are hundreds, nay thousands again, who are unable to use Wikipedia to find out crucial information such such as “How old was Mozart when he died?” or “Can you get pregnant the first time?” or “What’s the name of the song, it goes laaaa, la la – it’s hip-hop?” or the classic “If you asked your brother to sleep with your wife because you wanted children would you regret it after? It’s as if all Jerry Springer’s past guests have been given broadband access and… I was going to say cheap and cheerful typing lessons but I’m getting ahead of most of the Yahoo Answers population there… keep it simple, stupid. Incidentally, the above questions have been translated into a real language for anyone unfamiliar with made-up languages (I’m getting quite good!).

However, once you’ve discarded all the rubbish there are some interesting and challenging questions being raised. This past fortnight I have contributed to several heated and often emotive topics such as circumcision, Kosovo, the Bridgend suicides, raising 2 year old fiends, teenagers rights and how drunk you can get on a whole bottle of whisky. But mostly I answer Music questions. I hang around there because at least if I get it wrong I’m not going to ruin someone’s life.


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