It's too soon!

8 Jan

blackboardOur littlie was only 3 in July08 and we are already facing a decision on his education that I for one am just not ready to make. Primary enrolment forms are out now and the pre-school ones will be out, I am told, next month. I was walking him to playgroup a few weeks ago and it was non-stop “what’s that?  I know this!” and “why? why? why?” and I was sucked back eight years in time… he is so like his big brother in many ways and so different. I think it took less than 6 weeks for school to destroy Sprog 2’s “what’s that? I know this!” and “why? why? why?” and the thought of witnessing that spark die again makes me feel physically sick. Neither of my boys sit down and shut up, they never listen but they hear and even one to one they drive me nuts. They are, I suspect, challenged in the amygdala department. They make me question how I value schooling in ways my daughter never has. I’m not an uninformed parent and I don’t have the certainty of a one-sided view on education (more’s the pity). I lurk in Home Ed forums, I read TESS, I (occasionally) talk to Neil (when I can unplug him) and I titter a bit when people pay for Steiner when ACfE is free (although I have yet to experience it as anything more than another discourse of education). I am surrounded by people who work in education or with children in some capacity and I feel a bit left out with my long dead career in extinct and ancient IT. And I think, maybe, I have too many answers.

I procrastinate as this question of enrolment is a decision I feel was taken from me with Sprog 2. Being a December boy he really shouldn’t have started school until he was nearly 6, but on the advice of his pre-school teachers he started when he was 4. I too was  gobsmacked at the article in TESS suggesting pupils should be allowed (read: encouraged) to leave school after 4 years of secondary education whatever their age, though from a more personal pov and with way more swearing than my esteemed OH.  I don’t anticipate Sprog 2 being one of those boys who wishes to escape education (read: education wishes to escape from) at the tender age of 15, but he could easily have been given his rocky start, disrupted education, bullying and eventual transfer. I honestly do not know from where he musters the enthusiasm for school after his primary experience, but he does and he’s a smart cookie so I hear. It’s just a pity he will have a limited choice of universities at the end of S6 or an enforced gap year (maybe no bad thing?).

I hold in my imagination the child he could have been if he’d started school a year later and, to a lesser extent,  the one he could have been if  he’d been home educated. Both are becoming increasingly vague as the years pass and we move further away from the choice that set him on this path (see how I made it all impersonal there – “the” choice! like I’m not culpable). I am in grave danger of using  the education of Sprog 3 as my redemption (he should also be the subject of my redemption from poor parenting but it isn’t quite working out the way I thought 10 years of experience would – ah well).  Then again, maybe I am simply in danger of making what I believe is the right educational choice rather than the popular educational choice.

We shall make these Sprog 3 decisions one at a time.

Decision – he is absolutely not no way ever going to our local village primary school.

breathing space


(that was an easy one).


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