Alcohol is the answer again

13 Jan

As well a delightful short term fix it seems alcohol is now the long term answer too.

pengrangebottAbout 6 years ago after a particularly hard grafting day fixing up the Stirling flat, we were on our way home late and Tesco lit the way – as it does – a guiding beacon on the outskirts of Everytown in Somecounty. Covered in paint splats and a bit pungent we craved a late night cinnamon raisin bagel fix so deciding that as we obviously looked as if we’d been decorating and didn’t venture out in such a state of mankiness every day, we risked popping in and not banging into anyone we knew. Maybe we were overtired? You make rash decisions when you’re overtired yes? Along with our bagels and Philly we picked up, with little persuasion required from either of us it must be said, a bottle of Penfolds Grange 1996. We’d been independantly lusting after it since it appeared on the shelves a few weeks before. At £109 you can bet we were desperate to bang into someone, anyone, we knew at the checkout. Believe me we looked! Our three items came to £112, daft, rash, and not even something we could drink – how can you buy a £109 bottle of wine and drink it? The bagels were good though.

It’s lying on its side in an old d’Arenberg box at the bottom of the wardrobe. It’s been there for 6 years, in the dark. For 6 years I’ve cursed the fact we didn’t buy 2, a drinker and a seller. I was half jesting of course so I was genuinely surprised to see it’s now going for AU$600 a bottle which is around £274. The cheapest I found it in the UK was £198. How cool. Our  wine has at least doubled in value in 6 years and our house has fallen around 15%. I am now cursing the fact we didn’t buy a few cases. At least then I could have enjoyed the taste without thinking I was getting squiffy on, by the time we open it in another 10 years or so, a £100 glass of wine. Having even one to sell would have made it considerably easier to swallow – especially if it turns out I don’t even like it.


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