Customer What?

14 Feb

I have almost finished reading John Pilger’s Freedom Next Time, I know that the threat of Indian call centres is overstated here and that out of a population of some 400 million only about 245,00 (lucky?) Indians have managed to “secure” employment in the sector. I know all this and I pity the poor sods their long hours, crap pay,  battery-hen working conditions and hideous exploitation. But when I  have to try and explain to a guy thousands of miles away, living in a completely alien culture to me, that the 3 door Corsa they have provided as a courtesy car just isn’t going to fit my family of 5 (one in a car seat) there just isn’t a response on his prepared script…  nothing. And no amount of vented frustration is going to get a solution from him.  I live three miles from a Norwich Union Soon To be Aviva office housing over 1400 staff. I worked there for 19 years, first when it was the world HQ of General Accident and finally as a TUPEd IBMer after an arrogant little Australian git got hold of the last Scottish insurance company and sold it to Commercial Union. I bought my policy as a staff member 17 years ago and whilst it was a GA policy I know they would have helped in some way, perhaps allowing me to pay the balance for upgrading the car? Now? Now I can’t even talk to someone in this country. I called Norwich and the only response? “I can’t comment, I can’t help you”. What the FUCK? £43 a month for 17 years…  What-The-FUCK?


One Response to “Customer What?”

  1. Becca February 16, 2009 at 10:26 am #

    Hi MrsW – I work for NU, and I wonder if this is something I can help you with?
    I can certainly investigate, if you’d like to send me the details? My email address is


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