Pay or Play?

6 Mar

There’s 2 types of mum, those who volunteer and those who pay. I am of the species “Handus over Cashus and Leave Us Alone Please”.

fundraisingIn the last six months to raise funds for various essential and non-essential activities for Bob, Keeb and Poggy (these are the names they call each other and I have adopted because Sprogn was confusing even me) attempts have been made to “entice” me to pack bags in supermarkets, gamble (lottery, roulette and black-jack no less), bake for Scotland (it seems), make and sell soup at rugby matches, treat my daughter as a slave for 5 hours, provide raffle prizes, form quiz teams, funny hair day, funny tie day….. ffs stick a monetary value on this and you can have it in an envelope!

So I make it a rule to spread my participation in this painfully strained socialising, with people who I have nothing in common with other than the age of my children, evenly and sparingly… and I reserve the right to be very picky and only “do” the ones I get to go to without children and that serve me alcohol. This works. I “do” the lunches and ceilidhs and dinner-dances, things I can go to with proper grown up friends who have children of all ages (or none) and other stuff to talk about. It’s great. Unfortunately a lot of my peer-parents only do the baking and the bag-packing so they don’t see me forcing over priced wine down my throat and dancing Strip-The-Willow to raise funds for the rugby club…  it’s hard but someone’s got to do it.


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