School work… honest

7 Mar

Bob’s been a bit off colour, which is a laugh when you’ve got dyed black hair.. the girl has no colour. She missed butterfly cake making at school on Friday as she was at home recovering so I let her loose in the kitchen with a bunch of ingredients and an icing bag, just so she could keep up with school work of course. I also discovered on Friday how to avoid my overwhelming desire to stuff any cake I see straight in my face -take photos of the things. Reconstruct them as objects of art as opposed to objects of yum. So here’s what happens if you give a 13 year old an icing bag…


I think I might get the hang of this no-flash malarkey one day – and yes, my work surfaces are always that shiny.

She also missed Maths but there are limits, it took me 2 years to get Higher Maths and its not a journey I ever wish to take again. I wasn’t sure how to respond when my OH arrived home from school and handed her some Maths work her teacher had popped up to the English department and delivered. Bob was sure. Can’t a kid be ill these days?


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