2/365: I can cross the road myself too

10 Mar

Last night my sister and I took our daughters to a You Me At Six gig at The Barrowlands in Glasgow. They’ve been getting into gigs on their own since they were 12 but this venue is a bit stricter so as they were supposed to be 16 unaccompanied or 14 with an adult we bought tickets for ourselves too.  They headed to the mosh pit, we headed to the back to roll our eyes with other parents – this is the first ever gig I’ve been to where I didn’t know the band. In no time at all I suppose I won’t even be allowed in Glasgow on the same night. We popped down to the merchandise stands and a girl asked if one of us would take a photo of her and her friends with one of the support acts… after explaining to me, the old biddy, that I needed to press and wait for three flashes on her compact camera.

I remember the first time a mother referred to me as a “lady” rather than a “girl” when talking to her toddler, and I will remember last night with similar melancholy; the first time a teenager thought I was too old to work one of their new fan-dangle gadgets. Happy bloody Birthday to me!

The band were quite good.


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