10/365: Nothing to see here – I’ve got back-edit

18 Mar

Whatever it is it means I’m struggling to get online  so 9 days in and my 365 project is already royally farged – thank you Virgin. I’ve been trying to upload photos to Flickr all day but considering I can’t even ping the BBC I think I’ll just give up.

I’ve been on the receiving end of tech support a lot this past 24 hours – a lovely chap in India (Dell)  took over my daughter’s laptop and fixed her ATI problem, a very helpful lady from Glasgow (Virgin) diagnosed my network problem without doubting for a minute that I knew a wee bit of what I was talking about, a second Indian chap (Virgin) didn’t have a clue what I was saying so I hung up and redialled and got a lad in Liverpool instead and I didn’t understand a word he was saying! Except the bit where he told me my problem was scheduled to be fixed on or by 23rd March – not good.


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