13/365: Just call it the EBC and be done

21 Mar

Brian Moore on Monye scoring his first try for England today “it will be the first of many”.

Brian Moore on England winning a line out practically on top of the Scottish try line, England are going forward to “re-establish the true score”.

No wonder the English are so hated. I’m sure the England rugby team are a fine bunch of guys and I’d love to share a pint with them but if the English want the respect and camaraderie the rest of the home nations manage to share amongst themselves and with France and Italy, win OR lose, then they have to get rid of arseholes like Brian Moore.

The only consolation is that Moore must be the mose miserable bastard living in England – because even winning isn’t enough for him. I don’t think he’d be happy with anything but zero points for the opposition and every one of them hospitalised. The man is a cretin, neither gracious when England lose or humble when England win – actually that doesn’t work for Moore  on any level – he’s pissed off even when they do win cos it’s never by enough.

English winners receive as much villification as English losers (and boy do their losers get it in the neck). It must be crap being English.

I lit some candles to sooth my Moore induced mood.

So chuffed for Ireland winning the Grand Slam, that will be some partay.


One Response to “13/365: Just call it the EBC and be done”

  1. iheartfilm March 21, 2009 at 11:30 pm #

    Love that candle shot.


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