18/365: Sad bird

26 Mar

It is a sad looking bird. This garden has touches like this all over it (it’s not mine – mine is a weed patch I dry my washing on). I was just saying today it looks so meant. If I left a rusty bucket sitting in my garden it would look like a rusty bucket. In this garden it’s art. Spotted in my garden a rusty bucket would would be squinted at sideyways, like you were trying to avoid looking at it out of politeness (but you’d talk about me afterwards). In this garden a rusty bucket is something to dwell on, to make you wish you had a rusty bucket you could just chuck out and it would look all vintagey and weathered and… meant.

So my friend tells me today “it IS meant”. It turns out he with the magic eye doesn’t just toss rusty buckets about and create spontaneous beauty – nah!!! He moves it an inch then checks it then moves it then wonders a bit then moves it… oh happy happy day! It does require effort, which means I can stop even thinking about trying it at home, woo-hoo! I laud your talent AND effort, you-know-who-you-are. And I shall refrain from flinging anything rusty into my garden because lacking in talent it will look scruffy, and lacking in effort it will lie there for a couple of years before I can be bothered moving it.

Next time I’ll get the bucket.


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