22/365: 1999 to go

30 Mar

Fifth assignment and I’m loving it not. I am really struggling with D315 – for various reasons, many of them personal. But one of my main bugbears is its age. This is its last presentation and it only covers policy up until around 10 years ago and although there’s an updated policy file for 2008 even it’s pretty out of date. I hate that I am reading 1970s articles on criminological theory, I hate vociferously that I am reading Michel Foucault (in the raw). But I love the Broken Windows theory… maybe I should have stuck to Psychology?. Oh I’ll get there in the end – I always do. One more 3,500 word double weighted assignment on Restorative Justice – the future of crime control (remember this is a 10 year old course, it will be like reading 1984 and realising it didn’t happen) and a 2 hour exam on 15th June. Then I can rest for a few months before I get back on this Open University roller-coaster.


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