27/365: The shows

4 Apr

Whites have been coming to Perth since I was wee, since my folks were wee. My parents met on the Speedway at the shows. I don’t believe they shifted for much of WWII. It was reported in the local press last year that they were struggling to make money and may not return. I hope this was just a ruse to get us back at the shows.  It worked in this house.

Rides have come and gone over the years but Outer Limits is still there and I decided I’d finally give it a go – but alas it was closed. I remember being really litle, certainly under 7, and seeing teenagers spill forth from the gaping maw of this ride on their arses, screaming. With hindsight they were screaming with laughter but it scared me enough to manage a further 35 years avoiding it.

So it rained today and most of the big rides were closed but we got Poggy on a couple of roundabouts and Keeb and his cousin had a go on the Waltzers. Our older two wouldn’t be seen dead with us at the shows. This is understandable. So we watched and my sister and I lamented the passing of years. We used to enjoy many hot spring nights hanging around the Waltzers checking out guys and looking well fetching as we screamed at our mates so as to be heard over the pounding toons of the early 80s. Not together, that would have been weird back then (not so weird now of course). So we are old and the guys at the shows are no longer scary, in fact they were all really polite and chatty. Sometimes it’s OK being growed-up.

We’ll have to get back for the fast rides and a photo of Outer Limits. I’ve scoured the interweb and can’t find one so there’s something I can provide the world with… it needs it.


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