45/365: Up and away… eventually

22 Apr

Take  a two week holiday in Tanzania (oh treat yourself – take a month) and you can pretty much guarantee that if you book a balloon flight over the plains of the Serengeti your ass will be hauled up there. Majestically of course… roving wildebeest and all that… nature. And biting nippy things. I’ll be staying here in Scotland… where balloon rides are more a matter of luck than planning. My Mum bought my Dad a balloon flight for his 60th birthday. His 60th birthday was August 2007. After five cancellations due to, of all things considering it’s a balloon, wind – they finally took flight  this morning. They did well apparently as a previous passenger had received his flight as a 50th bithday gift and didn’t get up there til he was 62!

Last night the notion that the balloon wouldn’t land at the same place from where it took off was presented to my Mum. She found this surprising. So did I to be honest. My sister, my man and my Dad lined up and pointed at us laughing. Nothing like a bit of ritual humiliation for fermily bonding. It never occurred to me that the balloon wouldn’t come back. I mean wasn’t this thing developed as a form of transport? What’s the purpose in any form of transport that you get in not knowing where the feck you’re going to end up? I’m not the sort of numpty who’d just jump in a bus hoping it would take me to town then be all astonished when I ended up in Aberdeen or somewhere equally grim. I have no idea why I thought hot air balloons could be sorta pointed in a chosen direction. But think it I did. I can’t even blame cider for this one (though it was involved) as this is something I have always thought. What a numpty me.


2 Responses to “45/365: Up and away… eventually”

  1. Princess K April 22, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    Guess that makes two of us hanging our heads in shame today!

    Okay, so I did my homework and I decided the following:
    1. I’ll go with the Beatles b/c I recognize some of the songs, but I’m under 30 (barely) so I get forgiven on this one.

    2. Simple Minds got the second vote and that mightindicate my poor taste in music, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a U2 song, though I do know who they are (props to me)

    3. As for those other too… I almost deleted the whole comment just to get their names off my screen! Thanks… um… not even going to do my homework on that selection.

    So, sifting through the songs of my youth, I’m thinking Air Supply, Van Halen, Madonna, Def Leppard Era!! But you have to keep in mind that a spent the first 19 years growing up under a rock in the Middle of farmland USA. I know a lot of country music, but I’m not even sure the stores sold anything else!

  2. Princess K April 22, 2009 at 8:10 pm #

    Further Definition:

    Salty Dog (noun) 1. A drink consisting of 5 oz. Grapefruit Juice, 1.5 oz Gin in a glass with a salted rim! I don’t drink them, but The Queen swears they’ll cure whatever ails you!

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