25 Apr

Yup there’s a few extra Fs in there. I mean, seriously?


If it takes lying in a bath looking like a corpse.. no offence like but…


If there was ever a need for a “Contributors Choice” award…

Yeah it’s meant to be fun, yeah it’s meant to be fun but…


We have a saying here in Scotland “yer taste is in yer arse”.

Yeah. Quite.

Grownups: 2/23

Kiddywonks: 8/23 – I thought I’d missed some of the entries when I saw the one that was placed 10th so I’ve trawled through all 224 for a third time and I still cannot see it. I can’t even find it erroneously entered amongst the 255 adult entries. I’m more than happy to be proved wrong by the first smart-ass who can tell me what number entry it is!. If I have managed to miss it in three run throughs I’ll be seriously worried about my counting skills though, you know.. where 156 follows 155 and precedes 157… I thought I was good at that shit.

And I really don’t think my taste is in my arse this time.


2 Responses to “R.O.T.F.F.L.M.F.A.O”

  1. Catherine April 26, 2009 at 2:12 am #

    You are too funny. LMAO! Thanks for the smile!

  2. Dana~from chaos to Grace April 29, 2009 at 5:25 pm #

    TOTALLY agreed! I mean it was a COOL shot, but HOW in the world could she take that and NOT get her camera ruined? Really?? It was creepy.

    But there are definitely times I thought for sure the judges had been smoking or something to choose what they did. LOL

    I shouldn’t have said that. I probably just jinxed myself and will never win again because of my comment. LOL

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