Photos wot I wish I could took #3

26 Apr

OK – I tried predicting winners based on what photos I liked – didn’t bank on judges “feelings” and “memories”.

So – I tried predicting winners using mores objective criteria like what photos I thought were “good” technically and artistically and met the requirements blah blah – didn’t bank on photos that for the life of me I cannot find an entry for winning.

This week I am applying SCIENCE as I may as well predict the winners without looking at the photos for all the success I am having.

First it is statistically likely (imho – my SPSS has expired) that if you have been placed once already you will be placed again. A different judge each week doesn’t seem to have any effect on this.

So let’s check the “form” in the adults category. You have to fancy Catherine Halsey for a win this week, not because she comments here (waves @Catherine) but she’s been placed SEVEN times already, 4 times in the adult category, and she hasn’t got a 1st place under her belt… yet. American Mum has 6 placings, 4 in the adults, so I think she’s a fair bet for being “up there” too. DanielleMae, Alex K and EP Blog are always there or thereabouts in this category too, none have a win yet though. Lolli @Life is Sweet and Fertile Mertile have both managed to achieve two 1st places so far, so I’m not going to discount regular top tenners who have already won a 1st place, I’m almost certain it will become more common to have 2 or 3 wins or even 10 or 12 as this competition progresses. So Photos by KarynIMAGEine, Kricia Morris, Fertile Mertile and Hei Yan finish my Top Ten Adult predicted winners.

Apart from the two runaway leaders, the Kids category is more wide open. Both From Chaos to Grace and LucyintheSky have had SIX placings in this category so far and both are former 1st place winners. I’m going to plump for From Chaos to Grace to win this week, cos I always love her photos. I predict that the other nine, in no particular order, will be LucyintheSky, Catherine Halsey (yeah YOU again!), Peahead Prints, Lolli @Life is Sweet, Sarah Long, Jenn Bowen, Megan R, Trees & Bees and American Mum, who have all had at least 2 placings in the kids category already.

I’ll be looking out for these contributors and when (if) they enter a photo I will update this post with links  below.


  1. Catherine Halsey
  2. American Mum
  3. Danielle Mae
  4. Alex K
  5. EP Blog
  6. Photos by Karyn
  7. IMAGEine
  8. Kricia Morris
  9. Fertile Mertile
  10. Hei Yan


  1. From Chaos to Grace
  2. LucyintheSky
  3. Catherine Halsey
  4. Peahead Prints
  5. Lolli @Life is Sweet
  6. Sarah Long
  7. American Mum
  8. Jenn Bowen
  9. Trees & Bees
  10. Megan R

If any of the above don’t enter the categories selected this week I’ll replace them with other entries once they are all in.


It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!

Over the past 10 weeks in the Kids category LucyintheSky has entered 10 times, American Mum 9, Sarah Long 8 and Peahead Prints 6. I should have checked Megan R and Jenn Bowen before predicting them winners as they haven’t entered quite so often, only 3 and 2 times respectively. So what were the odds that not ONE of these 6 would enter this week? Less than the odds of them being placed in the top 10 I betcha!

Over the past 10 weeks there have been 8 Adults competitions and Photos by Karyn has entered all 8, American Mum 7, Kricia Morris and IMAGEine both 6, Fertile Mertile 4 and Hei Yan 3.   Again, what were the odds that none would enter this week?


2 Responses to “Photos wot I wish I could took #3”

  1. Dana~from chaos to Grace April 27, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    Love your logic behind it. I’ve tried predicting too, and I’m NO GOOD at it! But I’m totally flattered you put me first! I always love Lucy’s photos…most of these people intimidate me, they’ve got something I’m still searching for. Usually it’s that great lighting that eludes me.

    I’m enjoying your blog! Congrats on the domain!

  2. Catherine April 27, 2009 at 11:29 pm #

    Thank you! You always seem to make my day and you did it again! I love photography because it’s so clearly subjective. It’s definitely interesting to see what is worthy in the eyes of others. I try hard to look at the photos of the judge and see what they like, but I guess I have my own style that I can’t break. Oh well. Some will like it, some will hate it.

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