58/59/365: Coffee and Quarantine

6 May

Still on the coffee – it’s actually quite frightening how much longer it takes to recover from a late boozy night the older you get. Jeez its Wednesday already.

So, this guy takes quite ill with a high fever on the last day of his holiday in Cancun. He’s already had a text from his Dad back in London telling him all about the Swine Flu but as far as he’s concerned Mexico City is “100 miles away”. So he gets on a plane to Houston, and he’s feeling so lousy he spends 6 hours curled up in a ball on the floor at Houston airport not really knowing where he is. And here’s the best bit, the fuckwit gets on a plane to London, thus becoming the capital’s first swine flu victim, and who knows how many fellow passengers he’s infected. My Dad got back from Mexico, via Houston, on Sunday morning. He’s gone into self-imposed quarantine for 7 days, with my Mum (he has to eat), just in case there were any similar fuckwits on his flights. We wave from across the street.


One Response to “58/59/365: Coffee and Quarantine”

  1. Princess K May 7, 2009 at 2:02 am #

    Some people are such dorks. At least your Dad has the sense to thing about not wanting to infect others! Hope all goes well and he didn’t catch the “stupidity” virus!

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