Dear School

7 May

I was pretty sure I wrote this about a year ago. Not this year. Shirley not only 4 months ago.

I handed in my registration for a pre-school place at your school this week. All my high ideals of cherry picking the best local state primary school for Poggy have been thrown out the window in the face of practicalities – like me having to ride the bus twice a day through the winter to get him anywhere other than the 5 minutes walk away primary school.

I’m crap.

I keep telling myself it’s only pre-school, I will apply to other schools for P1, and if I don’t get another school I will move him in P4.

If you put so much as one foot wrong regarding my child I’ll have him whipped out of your school and will be kicking down the door of Education Services so fast you won’t know what’s hit you. I will not make the mistake of letting things slip and pass and be covered up for 6 years before I act. I will not be lied to again. NOT THAT DUMB.

I’m crap.

I’ve been speaking to other parents recently, new parents to me since my older two are now in secondary. From what I can tell not much has changed, your school is still rife with bullying and the staff are still refusing to acknowledge it even takes place, let alone do something about it.

I’m so crap… it’s just a bus.

Last year, a teacher at your school called an 11 year old girl in his class “emu” (alluding to emo) for months, to her face, even in front of visitors. He encouraged the other kids to follow his example by the very act of giving them an example to follow. On the numerous occasions she asked them to stop they replied “Well Mr ? calls you emu”. When she asked him to top – he laughed. Her mother asked to meet with him – he refused. He sent four pupils home with his watch and money to go into town (a 3 mile bus journey) and have a new battery fitted. A town he drives home through every night. Every one of them returned it unfixed (quelle surprise!) until the same mother returned it to the office with a note requesting that he stop the inappropriate requests. None of these issues were insurmountable, that is until they were highlighted to the headmaster. He wholeheartedly SUPPORTED the teacher’s behaviour, he suggested the children were actually FIGHTING to be win the right to take the watch home and get it fixed, it was in no way inappropriate for a teacher to ask pupils to do this , the “emu” name calling was simply FUN and he totally ignored that the teacher refused a request to meet with the mother.

The only reason I am even considering using your school again is thanks to a much more stringently enforced complaints procedure, or so it certainly seems. When I lodged my complaint against you years ago, Education Services didn’t even phone me, let alone ask me to come in and discuss the complaint. I was not involved in the “investigation” at all and was brushed off, after weeks of waiting, with a one page letter denying any of the issues I raised so much as existed…. oh apart from the bit about poor recording of incidents and lack of paperwork. Woop-de-farging-do. Number one son was eventually withdrawn when you gave his class their THIRD probationer in six years. Now though, they phone you, they want to see you and speak to you, they want to know what you want done about it. This is good stuff. This is the reason I am willing to send you another child. Put one foot wrong. Go on I dare you.

I might be crap… but I’ll see you in August,


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