60/365: Another one

8 May

My older son was is one of those kids teachers hate adore (a boy). He fidgets and mumbles and never looks like he’s listening to a word they’re saying. But from a very young age, whenever a teacher tried to catch him out using the classic “What have I just finished saying?” the little smart-ass has always been able to provide the answer. He doesn’t do me the same courtesy and is quite able to engage the selective deafness that accompanies all Y chromosomes when at home. He’s just one of those really exasperating brilliant kids who, if they chose, could be so good at stuff. So far he has picked up and shown promise at piano, rugby, karate, hockey… but will he stick with any of them long enough to get brilliant? Bored now – what’s next???.

And there’s another one chasing his heels. Son no 2 will not pick up a pencil or a crayon or a paintbrush unless forced (weird kid). About 6 months ago he picked up a pencil and wrote his name. Oh joy – another smart-ass.

See – I have to do ALL the work!


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