65/365: Duh

12 May

Today was the official opening of the new garden at Pog’s playgroup. The press were there along representatives from the council and from businesses who had given freely of their wares (B&Q I believe). I was parent helper so I was there all morning washing little hands, getting all OCD about removing all traces of soap and getting them dry.

No camera.

Tonight my local team, St Johnstone, are parading through town in an open top bus carrying the 1st Division Cup after they won promotion to the SPL last week. Gonna get beat by bigger and better teams next year like Celtic and Rangers. I was also in town having just left the cinema. Star Trek. The dogs bollocks… one of those movies you’re at for 2 hours and it’s not nearly long enough.

No camera.

So here’s a piccie of my recycling, Czech beer and Australian wine. We have bins for food waste, garden waste, tins, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, milk bottles and general waste. No glass. Given the choice between carbohydrate and wine, wine is always going to win. They need to rethink this bin situation.

I’m up to date – woo-hoo!


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