68/365: And May will be arriving when exactly?

15 May

I remember Mays of yore. Scotland always gets summer in May, which is pants as we never get summer holidays til July. May has always been a warm lazy month full of promise for what’s coming later in the year. Then later in the year gets here and turns out to be a dismal grey and damp affair. Already the Met Office are predicting a summer heatwave for the UK. They do this every farging year. I think they are in the employ of the guvment trying to direct our attention away from the shit surrounding us on a daily basis. And we eat it up. I swear the next person I hear utter “Ah they say it’s going to be a great summer” could find themselves slapped into September. Any day the  BBC or the Met are predicting a wonderful sunny fantasy future just around the corner is a day to scour the newspapers for what they’re burying, if you ask me. And nobody does.

This is what I see from my kitchen window, right now.

It will make a fine texture I guess!


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