Photos wot I wish I could took #5

15 May

I’ve been sat inside for a what feels like a whole sunny week doing this – it has to stop! Anyway it was well scary. I’m not entirely sure that some of those laughing faces weren’t in fact screaming… and rather a few I feared were about to devour themselves, the camera, the photographer and anything else in chomping distance. I perused tonsils, slavery maws, smeared food and tongues and I now have a nice collection of bookmarks to call on the next time anyone slags off British dentistry. I may have difficuly sleeping tonight.

I’m only predicting the Kids category this week, with 477 entries that’s more than enough thank you.

So, way out in the lead numero uno, I really really love this photo and if it doesn’t win you’ll hear me stamping my feet and throwing a strop all the way to Balbeggie is Jade Quinn (Angie’s Pick) Got her first DSLR in September08? I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

The other 9, in no particular order, I fancy to win are…

  1. Neicey (1st)
  2. Art from the Heart
  3. Apryl Deeter
  4. Jennifer Urbin
  5. Sew Inspiring
  6. My Two Seasons
  7. Plush Moments
  8. Momtosix
  9. Pages of Our Life

Wot?!! No Dana?? No Catherine?? I love both their adult entries this week, but it’s quarter to one a.m. and I’m pooped. No N.R.G. Can’t wade through another few hundred entries. My bum is numb and my shoulder is killing me cos I was too lazy to get off my arse and find a mouse (been trackpadding all night – yuck!). So luck y’all. I’m off to finish Inkdeath (well 1 page at least before I drop it on the floor, wake Pog, and spend the rest of the night getting kicked in the back – it’s not all sweet laughter and joy – there are crap bits too).


My 17 points last week must have been a total fluke then. This week I predicted 1 placed entry (but it was a corker) so thanks to Neicey I have 2 points out of a possible 23. I nearly picked #2,#4 and #8 – which would have given me a whopping 8 points – but there go go. I didnae. So tough.


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