I'm a lemur

20 May

I can’t wait to see the Intelligent Design backlash on this one. What pisses me off is that the fossil has been sat on for 26 years while the nutjobs have infiltrated education systems around the world. Recently it was reported in TESS that 74% of Scottish teachers think some form of ID should be taught in schools. When I read this I was horrified, however it was being suggested as an RE topic, not a science topic, so would be taught alongside an appreciation of Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Chistianity, Hellenism… the whole shebang of fairytales. So not quite as nutjobby as it first appears.

It was also revealed that there is no specific mention of Darwin or Evolution in the new Curriculum for Excellence guidelines for science. This I thought strange until I read on and it was explained that evolution just permeates the whole thing without any need for it to be named. Such a relief. As much fun as I’d get out of arguing  logical fallacies with the nutjobs who claim evolution is wrong because it doesn’t have a mathematical formula…. or that natural selection is only possible sometimes, like when when ID proponents can imagine it to be so… (love this site) I’d rather my children were taught science thank you very much.

I’ve no problem with people having faith, so long as they recognise it is faith and stop trying to dress it up as a pseudo-science. One of the major things faith and science have in common is that both are unprovable. Being unprovable is sciences’ biggest strength, it is constantly being tested as we try to disprove and improve on it. That’s the beauty of it, the more we progress the more ways we can think of to challenge theories, the more we can say “Aaah but what if we tried this?” and if a theory is still intact after each challenge, it remains plausible until the next round of challenges. Scientific hypotheses can only be disproved and that’s why Evolution is a theory, not because it hasn’t been proved, but because it hasn’t been disproved. There has to be some scientific integrity in the steps that are taken to disprove a theory, and “I know it in my heart” just doesn’t cut the biscuit I’m afraid

Believing something to be true does not make it true. I don’t “believe” in the theory of Evolution, it does not require “belief”, and until such time it is adequately disproven, I’m sticking with Darwin, he doesn’t prove stuff, he just explains it… as does this guy here.


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