77/365: Highs and Lows

24 May

Piled peeps into the car today and trundled down to Edinburgh to flat-sit during an open viewing. Funny how kids are just desperate to get on buses. I remember being thrilled when we got our first car in 1979. I was 12. The first time I took the older 2 on a bus they screamed when it started moving and they wobbled about, they were so used to being strapped into car seats. Number 3 is more used to travelling on buses, but even so a trip on an open top double-decker is always fun. We went on this one..

These guys travelled free

It was brilliant. Yeah the guide prolly thought we were daft when he got to us last after asking all the passengers where they were from and we said Perth. But, you know, I learned stuff. We spend way too much time on the ground without looking up.

Our guide was great – much better than a choose your language pluggy in one. Pog took this photo of him for me.

Not bad huh? I’ll nurture that talent.

He took this one too.

Child labour this.

When we returned to Waverley Bridge we had a quick picnic in Princes Street Gardens.

On a rather steep hill.

At the foot of the Scott Monument.

There followed two hours flat sitting which got a bit intense as the kids were feeling cooped. I didn’t think it wise to leave one person there alone in case an unvetted viewer turned up with a machete so we played cards and tried to stop the kids killing each other/us/themselves. If you want to scupper your neighbours plans to sell their property we’re available for hire. Nobody turned up. Sign of the times I guess.


One Response to “77/365: Highs and Lows”

  1. Mr W (and Andrew) May 25, 2009 at 6:10 am #

    Looks like you still had a good day. I think it’s safe to say that we (well, me certainly! 🙂 ) are missing you all.

    Worrying that Paul is taking good photos already… do you think he’ll stick with Nikon, or should we encourage him to go down the Canon route, or more likely, the Fisher-Price route?

    See you soon!

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