Zoo Life

20 Jun

For many years I  had a real issue with zoos, with captive animals in general. My family have stopped trying to persuade me to visit Sea World, I won’t set foot in the sea lion show at Blair Drummond Safari and I was horrified today to see that the local council have permitted (after many years of not permitting) a circus with performing animals to setup on council owned land. On the rare occasion I relented I just ended up more resolved. After a particularly harrowing visit to what was promoted as a safari park just south of Valdosta, GA and turned out to be the worst zoo I’ve ever witnessed (arctic foxes in 3ft cages and real live elephant rides), I swore I was finished with them.  Until I met my OH. Most zoos have evolved somewhat since the horrors of 1970s school trips to Chester and my Granny took me to watch lions being whipped into roaring in the circus ring. Somewhat. Enough for me to want to financially support their efforts to improve. So from being a real anti-zoo zealot I’m now a member of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. Rather than turning my back in disgust at the big cats in small enclosures I visit over and over again. The more visits, the more money they have to invest in suitable accommodation. And the kids love Edinburgh Zoo too.

Boys + Patagonian Sea Lions

These guys were still sitting on this rock when we left 3 hours later – they’re don’t show off nearly as much as the Californian Sea Lions they replaced

Actually just about everyone was sleeping this afternoon

Or hiding. Probably from the intermittent showers.

My ISO settings were all over the place. Between outdoor sunshine, rain, indoor behind glass…. I’m lucky I got this many photos.

My daughter stayed at home so she could go down town with her friends, so it was the first of no doubt many trips with just the boys.

Then it will be just the boy.

Who will he climb stuff with then?

Going to hit the Live Writer publish button now and find out if this works. See you on the other side little post.


2 Responses to “Zoo Life”

  1. Littlemummy June 21, 2009 at 10:42 am #

    I have my reservations about circuses zoos etc too. We’re in Florida at the moment and they had an alligator show inside McDinalds. Erin didn’t like it, she was quite upset, she instinctivly knew there was something not right about it. When I rejoined her (she was with Dad) I agreed.

    Great photos by the way.

  2. Niecey June 22, 2009 at 3:26 pm #

    Ya know, I’m a vegetarian and I’m all for animal rights and I hate the small enclosures and I hate seeing frustrated animals at zoos. However, it is incredibly educational for the kids, they *do* take in rescued animals and rehome them there where they are safe and well fed, and they *do* help increase population of protected species as well as raising awareness of such issues. We have a zoo pass for our local zoo and we go there frequently.

    Ah, Edinburgh zoo. Many memories of that place as a kid, and I have video of taking Kaya there when she was 2, and I was pregnant with her sister and exhausted walking around. Kaya loved the penguins, and I walked like them, unintentionally. Are you quite near there then? I grew up in Cumbernauld (N Lanarkshire) but then moved to Bonnybridge Falkirk when I got married.

    You got some excellent shots here. In answer to your question on my blog, I have a canon digital rebel. The first model which came out – not even the XTI or anything. It’s pretty old but it gets the job done. And I used a cheapie sigma (cost about 60 GBP at the time) zoom lens for the ground squirrel shots. I’d *love* some decent camera equipment some day. But this stuff works, so I’ll be content.

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