A little glow

23 Jun

Not the Scottish schools digital network. Not that Glow. That’s MrW. My glow is inside, all warm fuzzy and bursting to get out.

I was a swotty git at school. Actually I wasn’t swotty, I just got the results a swotty git would get. Without swotting. At all. I’m sure it pissed off my hard working swotty friends and my teachers equally. It wasn’t fair really. I took a bit of a dip into reality in my 5th year when I failed two Higher exams, only one of which I got on appeal. But I made up for it in 6th by adding another four to my collection giving me a clutch of seven. These are, of course, only school achievements and in the long run of life aren’t the be all and end all. Far from it.


I was never top of the year material, but I did manage to bag myself awards at school for English, Accounts, Engineering Drawing… stuff… I can’t really remember.  I enjoyed getting the Engineering Drawing one, it made the rector stumble over his words. I am, after all, a girlie.

When my daughter was awarded merit prizes in 1st year for English and Science I was chuffed to bits. More so that she got Science. MrW is head of English and I didn’t want anyone to doubt that she deserved her merits.

Prize Giving 2008

Last week she bounced in waving a bit of paper inviting her to Prize Giving 2009 to accept merit awards in English, Maths, History, Computing and Science. Chuffed as a chuffed thing at a chuffing competition, I was.

In the meantime Boy-1 was in his room contemplating the correct use of the word “please” and his reluctance to use it despite prompting. He hadn’t said anything about prizes in the two hours since he got home from school. Should I ask him? No. What if he didn’t get any? We were only joking this time last year when we told him he’d better get at least two to match his sister… No. I couldn’t ask. Could I wait for him to tell me? Hell NO! You could reach pensionable age waiting for this one to tell you anything.

There was only one option. Rake through his school bag.

My recalcitrant little git of a son had, stuffed in the bottom of his school rucksack, his own invite to Prize Giving to accept no less than four merit awards in French, History, Geography and Science…. and he hadn’t even mentioned it.

I grabbed the invite and marched into his bedroom waving it in his face growling “and when were you going to tell me about THIS?”

“Later”, he replied.

“Yeah right!, you had to go get four when we only threatened to have you adopted if you didn’t get two” I reminded him

He looked confused, “eh? what? Oh… I forgot about that”

I leaned over, 6 inches from his nose, and calmly asked him, “what do you want in your omelette?”

He eye-balled me back… “ham and cheese please”

Which proves he’s not as daft as he looks.

I get to clap and give it a big Woop-Woop twice next Tuesday.

And I’m as chuffed as a chuffed thing who’s just won 1st place at the Chuffing World Championship.

Now that’s chuffed.


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