All the colours of the rainbow

1 Jul

As if I wasn’t proud enough with their 9 Merit Awards between them… see my daughter?


My daughter’s something else.

We found out the day before Prize Giving that Brian Soutar, that well know homophobic, pseudo-christian bigot was the invited guest speaker. The homophobic, pseudo-christian multi-millionaire bigot who bankrolled a private campaign against the Scottish Executive’s decision to overturn Clause 28.

The main argument used in support of Clause 28 was the claim that it protected children from ‘predatory homosexuals’ and advocates seeking to ‘indoctrinate’ vulnerable young people ‘into’ homosexuality (thanks Wikipedia).

As it was solely aimed at restricting what could and could not be taught and discussed in state school the “predatory homosexuals”  referred to could only be teachers.  Obviously homoexuals need to be watched, after all there are no straight sexual predators.

What a crazy choice of person to invite to a school prize giving.

Up until 4:30 I’d been under the impression I was going to be taking photos of the awards ceremony for my OH to make available for teachers to use, or the school video feeds, or to print off for any of the children who wanted their photo.  This was kaiboshed at 3:30 under some “child protection” issue. Don’t even get me started on that. By this stage I was all for not going  but was assured that Soutar would only be presenting the senior awards.  And that the bar would be open. Small compensation for having my first offer to take free photos cancelled… without a police disclosure I am clearly a predatory lesbian paedophile incapable of not posting every photo I take on the interwebtubes. Clearly.

Back to my daughter.

I’d given her a bit of background on Soutar and whilst she was keen to attend she was a bit outraged a man like that had been invited. How could she let that be known? Most of her friends didn’t know who the guest was and even when they found out they didn’t know anything about him. We toyed with wearing pink triangle badges but thought it might be a bit too “in yer face”, so I suggested she wear rainbows. You don’t have to be gay to fight gay prejudice. So she rainbowed it up good style.

From top


To toe


Soutar might not have got the point but I’m sure some people did.

I did, and I was so very very proud of her.


2 Responses to “All the colours of the rainbow”

  1. Kate - k8tography July 16, 2009 at 4:21 pm #

    I love the richness of your photos.

    I love the richness of your convictions.

    I love that your daughter put herself ‘out there’ in support of a cause.

    I love the way you write so I think I’ll be coming back. Hope you don’t mind??



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