Summer 2009 – Week 3 ending 22nd July

20 Jul

What’s a trampoline for? I’ll tell you. Sometimes when the rain starts you don’t notice it in time and you’re not quite quick enough at getting the washing in before it gets wetter (dry being a vague memory). Not with an 8ft trampoline just outside the window. No. You hear the rain before you see it.

Paul turned 4 on Friday 17th July. We bought him a trampoline and got a lot of towels ready cos wet trampolines are dangerouse right? Not as dangerous as building the bloody thing.

I cuddled-up with Paul at 8pm on the 16th. Our last 3-year-old-cuddle-up. It took him an hour to drop off (this child is an attachment parenting nightmare, I might moan about it one day, preferably from a distance when it’s finally over). This left us about 2 hours of daylight to get the trampoline built, bannered and covered. By quarter to 11 we had, I think, half of the springs fitted and not a snowballs chance in hell of getting the rest done. Ever. It wasn’t time we ran out of it was strength. Even using all my (considerable) weight we could not stretch that canvas any further to reach the remaining dozen-plus springs.  We eventually roped in our neighbours son and he used his (considerable) weight to kinda push the springs forward whilst Neil pulled the canvas and I sat on the opposite end of the frame to stop it toppling over.  He earned his cold one from the fridge that night.

When we got up in the morning the big reveal was spoiled by the fact it had transmogrified into a raised paddling pool overnight.


Just as well we had some indoor backup presents from his siblings…


And so we return once more to the beginning of that family tradition where each boy child has to experience for himself, over and over again, the crushing disappointment that is “Hot Wheels”.  It’s a bit like discovering that the Big Mac on the right, below, doesn’t exist… Hot Wheels cars don’t stay on the tracks, I have no idea how they do it in the ads. Not a scooby.

There were balloons (which were supposed to be knee-deep in the trampoline which didn’t as yet have it’s safety “cage” fitted).

It was going well…


There was a light-sabre, and Snakes and Ladders….


But not much jumping.

Grandad Skyped from Mexico and felt the force.


We took the laptop outside to show him the soggy trampoline and were going to leave him “on” for the cake and candles but figured it was a bit too disembodied head in a jar a la Futurama so let him go work.


Paul decorated this half of the cake himself. It was a cake of two halfs. I had intended to sandwich it but there were 10 peeps to get a piece and cutting one sandwich into 10 is messy. Better to cut 2 into 6 and get double toppings (and 8 candles). Are you still awake? Good blow again…


It dried up later and he got on his trampoline. He went arse over tit squeezing out of the “safety” cage and cracked his head open on the path. No I didn’t get photos. Stupid bloody trampoline.

18th – It rained – I started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again.

19th – It rained – I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Again.


I’m eating salad to try and conjure up some feeling of summer. It aint working.

I can’t be bothered with the palaver of getting photos in the rain, my camera likes rain as much as me, we’re fed up.

20th – It rained. The boys took two goes at getting out on their bikes and succeeded at lunch time for a short spell. In the afternoon it rained. I seriously considered putting the central heating back on. I used my tumble-drier. In July.

21st – It will undoubtedly rain.

22nd – and once more…

Seriously, if it doesn’t I’ll write about it and there will be photos.


4 Responses to “Summer 2009 – Week 3 ending 22nd July”

  1. Sean Perry May 14, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    my kids just love to jump around on trampolines and they are sort of addicted to it.”-`

  2. Fred May 28, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

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  3. Thurman Schwarzer June 1, 2010 at 1:44 am #

    Glad i came across this website.I added “Summer 2009 – Week 3 ending 22nd July | clinically fed up” to my bookmark!

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