23 Jul

Ever hopeful we traipsed off of to Fife on 21st. There were even bits of blue above. Needless to say the heavens opened just as we pulled into the carpark at the Cairney Maze so we about turned and headed to Tenstmuir guessing the wooden play area under the trees would afford a bit of shelter from the (hopefully brief) shower.

People were barbecuing. In the rain. Talk about stubborn determination to enjoy oneself!

As usual we ended up in Dundee Borders with my credit card. Thanks to all this rain I think I’ve spent nearly £150 on books this summer so far. That’s one good thing I guess.

Yesterday morning started off promising so I dragged the boys out for a hike. OK a waddle. The “hard” 2 hour walking I am doing with my daughter every other day is slowly and painfully killing me I am sure. Yeah I might end up reaching 10 stone, but if it doesn’t stop hurting so much it might be decomposition that eventually sees the weight slough off me.

This walk was gentle and conducive to fofos.

Over the fields and through the woods…

Stopping at the park to play on the slide stick (unimpressed or what?)

We got a bit cocky after lunch and headed to the farm to pick some more raspberries. It rained. We came home. We read. No wonder Paul keeps asking  “is it still the summer day holidays?”. He’s probably looking forward to school and less books.


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