Summer 2009 – Week 4 ending 29th July

30 Jul

There’s a gaming “heirarchy” in our home. Between the 5 of us we’ve got 3 Nintendo DS’s, 1 PSP, 1 PS2, 1 PS3, 1 iPhone, 4 laptops, 1 Macbook and a PC in bits. So when Paul is on the PS3 through the 42” HDTV, obviously Dad has to sit in the boys bedroom and make-do with the PS2 on the 14” portable TV.  Obviously.

gaming heirarchy

Otherwise I’d have him cutting grass or painting or cleaning out the attic or something.

I think we’re resigned to this summer continuing with the rain and the thunder and the lightning. I love a good thunderstorm but three in three weeks is just getting silly.

Don’t worry though – they’ve not gone completely loopy axe-murderers stuck in front of video games, we’ve bought all these (so far) to keep the brain noodles exercised.

2009 book

Yeah, OK , the Pogster got ONE book out of all that, but it takes us all our time to pin him down and get him to listen.

We finally got all our fat asses registered on Wii Fit. The only one hitting “ideal” weight is Andrew. And he’s scrawny. So the time has come to seriously start forcing the food that goes in my mouth to register with my brain. If that takes a spreadsheet so be it. 1200 calories a day. I can do that. If I don’t count wine. But I think I’ll have to count wine. I’m not in my 20s anymore. So once I’ve counted, cooked and presented my meagre morsels I’ve decided to photograph them. It’s not easy to make 200-odd calories look good. Not on real life sized crockery.

tomatoes and mushroom roll


Need to eat more green huh? But it will muck up my post-processing! And it’s the post-processing that keeps my mouth and disengaged brain out of the fridge. It took ages to make fatless and sugarless offerings look as good as this. Yay Photoshop.

Whilst they are all playing games I am avoiding studying by reading blog after blog after blog. Some are making me think. Some are making me be a little bit sick in my mouth. Some are enraging me. I’ve quite enjoyed cruising all the BlogHER aftermath, but no amount of reading is enlightening me. I still don’t get what it’s for. Maybe I’m not a real woman. Or a real blogger. Maybe I’m really just whittering away here to embarrass my kids from beyond the grave. Yeah. Probably that last one.

I found something I really liked and thought I’d have a go at since it was RAINING on Tuesday. Thanks to FizzieLime Photography and her inspiration from Ashley Ann I took this…


And it might just be the first thing I ever get professionally printed.

If I can stop buying books.

After this they were all dragging stuff through to the kitchen to dump on the tablecloth for a photo…


You think maybe my kids are fed up having their photo taken?

Sheesh I had to go visit my cousin to get anyone to look at me and smile. This little doll is only 22 month old and already talking for Britain. Whenever I pointed the camera at him he smiled, posed, even said “cheese”. Ah. He’ll learn. His big cousin was a bit more shampoo add. I must get her on her own sometime with some iHeartFaces themes lined up.

kyle rachel

And today it was lovely and we went out and we saw famous stuff not a 90 minute drive from here but that’s Week 5. So nyah.


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