He knows stuff

5 Aug

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Paul has a wicked memory.

He’s my third so I’m allowed to say that.

He’s got pretty good spatial awareness and remembers where he is and how to get places.

He’s a boy so I’m allowed to say that. I am.

In spring he was in the back of the car when I took my Mum and her lawnmower to the repair shop. Whenever we stop at the set of traffic lights (I always get a red) on the road that runs parallel to the one the repair shop is on he always points and informs us…

“That’s where we took Granny’s lawnmower to get fixed”

Every time.

When we drew up at the lights last week on the way to visit family he was in the back, he pointed, and informed us…

“That’s where all the people got dead”

Eh? Wha? Huh? There  been a bloodbath in the lawnmower shop that didn’t make the news?

I had to look.

He was pointing in the opposite direction, at the cemetery.

He elucidated.

“When they died they all got digging and the rocks tell you who died”

True. Kinda.

I’d no idea where all this information came from.

Until his big sister owned up.

I’m just glad it wasn’t a premonition.

Or something!

He can use cutlery too…

Is there no end to this boys talents?


One Response to “He knows stuff”

  1. Niecey August 5, 2009 at 6:25 am #

    That was kind of creepy for a while. My 5 year old was as asking lots of questions about the cemetery the other day while we drove past.

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