Me? Dance like nobody's watching? As if!

29 Aug


Hangover toast. Second best toast ever. Beaten only by the best toast ever which really deserves a post all to itself one day.

I can’t imagine what Dios Salve A La Reina made of the venue last night. I’m not even sure what I made of the venue last night. I appreciate this was a warm up gig on their tour, but they have played the same venues in Argentina that Queen played. They have played to crowds of 20-30,000 in the UK. And The Hangar sold out at 200 tickets.


When we walked in I have to admit the place was absolutely packed. Packed to the gunwhales with tables. 16 of them. Huge round tables for 12. With linen covered chairs. And candles. There was table service from the bar. And people were eating. W.T.F.?!

If not for the band on stage I’d have thought we were there on the wrong night. And stumbled in on a wedding. Or something. Look at it!!


Is this a GIG I see before me?

We bought a drink. It was easy to get to the bar after all.

And there we stood, agape at the vista before our eyes but enjoying Sonnet65 very much indeed.

We bought more drink.

And there we stood, still slightly agape, finding the next band rather depressing and bad actually.

We bought even more drink (well what else was there to do? how do you “mingle” with 198 people sitting on their arses stuffing stovies down their faces whilst bands are playing really fuck off loud music? Exactly, you buy another drink).

We got chatting to a guy with an enviably huge lens. And I cursed myself for not bringing my camera. I felt like another drink at that point.

The third band were a really rather splendid Beatles cover band. I enjoyed them.

More Bacardi barman!

The guys from God Save the Queen came down to watch this last support band and it was uncanny how much like Freddie Mercury this guy looked. Really a bit spooky.

When it came time for them to perform we were no longer content to stand at the back propping up the bar. There was a totty semi-circle at the front of the stage designated as “dance floor”. We checked. Were were allowed to dance. And tough nuts to the people sitting at the front – we were dancing.

We weaved our way between the tables towards the stage, trying to drum up a bit of support on the way. We managed to entice a few willing participants. And we danced. And the song finished. And the others, all 4 of them, went back to their seats. And we though W.T.F.??

We didn’t move. Well we moved iykwim. On our feet. At the front. And for a good half of the performance it was Neil, me and a couple of guys with enviably huge lenses. And


God Save the Queen were fabulous. They played old Queen, new Queen, rock Queen and ballad Queen. They even did the bits in Bohemian Rhapsody that Queen didn’t perform live. Not only did he look like Freddie, and boy did he look like him, same hairline, same eyes, same build and height, same flipping hairy chest… he even had a bit of the teeth, not only that, but he played keyboard and sang and moved and posed like Freddie. They did a 90 minute set and it was only for the last few songs that people finally disengaged themselves from their seats to join us on the dance floor. And they finally looked like they were having a ball. And we thought “Yeah well you could have been having a ball for the last hour  – twonks”.

On the way out we walked past one of the roadies loading equipment into the vans at the back. “Thanks for getting the dancing going guys” he said.

You are most very very welcome mate.



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