Tot Talk Tuesday

9 Sep

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Since August 20th Paul has spent 8 mornings at pre-school. That’s long enough for him to get the hang of what a teacher is. I figured.

I’ve mentioned to him on several occassions that his Dad is a teacher, and he’s always been quite resistant to the concept. Seriously, I think he’d have been far more accepting of his Dad’s career if I’d told him he drowned kittens for a living. But teaching? If I ever mentioned it he would scream at me…

“No he is NOT a teacher! he goes to WORK!”

OK, it was funny, but this kid was seriously stressed at the idea of his Dad leaving home each morning to teach.

His idea of working involves much of this…


My idea of working clearly doesn’t cover picking crumbs off tables and dusting TVs. Goes without saying really.

Anyway, I figured after 8 mornings in a school environment it was safe enough to bring up the subject of Daddy’s job again.

Inspired by this post I found myself asking him some questions about himself and the place we live. For age 4 he did not bad. He knows the name of our village and that it’s in Scotland. He knows about the internet email and (and that we have these) and that as far as blogs go “No I don’t have one of those”. He was born “in my tummy” but that’s a whole other preoccupation with him at the moment. My tummy. And his place in it.

I was trying to differentiate between our village and the nearby town of Perth by explaining that Scone is where our house and his school are and that Perth is where the shops and Kathryn and Andrew’s school is…… and Daddy’s work.

I asked him..

Me: “Do you remember? Daddy is a teacher?”

Paul: “Daddy is a teacher!?”

Me: “Yes that’s right he teaches big boys and girls”

Paul: “Why?”

Me: “Because he likes it”

Paul: “No, it’s because big boys and girls don’t know how to work and Daddy has to teach them”


He is now, however, a bit hung up on exactly what it is I do. He’s convinced that since everyone else is at school then that’s where I go too. He’s not far off I suppose, my next Open University course books should be thudding through my letterbox any day now. I love this bit of the course…. the anticipation, the smell of shiny new books, books full of things I don’t know yet and a set of essay questions that look easy-peasy until I have to start writing them. Yes this is definitely the best bit.


One Response to “Tot Talk Tuesday”

  1. Niecey September 9, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    I’d love to do open uni and learn some new stuff. It’s so darn expensive over here.
    I do miss Perth swimming pool and Noah’s Ark soft play. We used to travel from Falkirk once a month to meet some homeschoolers there. The kids loved it. ok ok, *I* loved it (“come down this slide Kaya. Of course you want to. I’ll go with you. No, not that way, *this* slide…let’s do it together”). It was fun.

    I love this TTT. I love the “no, daddy goes to work” bit hehe.

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