Here be treasure…

10 Sep

I was raking through a big trunk full of old photos and 14 years worth of school art work when I stumbled on some treasure.

Down at the bottom, still in it’s case, I discovered this beauty

Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s definitely a she.

She dates back to the early 1980s and hails from the German Democratic Republic. She’s a communist camera.

She is missing an instruction manual so whilst I kinda recognise that button must be for ISO and that one’s for shutter speed, that dial’s for aperture and… what the heck are all those other dials for?


I was totally slack-jawed admiring this “find”. Not mine of course. I’d never forget owning this, she belongs to Neil. She moved in here 7 years ago and thinking her broken beyond repair we’ve left her in a trunk in the bottom of our wardrobe ever since. I think she might be working though and bonus… that’s a 50mm f/1.8  lens she’s sporting… look how wide open she goes…

I’m sure the search engines will have fun with that last sentence.

Sorry to disappoint, she’s a camera.  A somewhat dusty camera.

She’s also packing a 135mm f/2.8, a 28mm f/2.8 and a 2x teleconverter.

She requires a battery so I’m hoping that means a bit of through the viewfinder help.

I’m going to buy me some film and have a go at getting this girl working. Remember film? No doubt I’ll be investing in 36 4×6 bits of glossy white (or maybe black) paper, but I do fancy having a go.

I’m going to stop drooling now and put her away until I’ve hunted down and devoured a manual.

Just once last look…


One Response to “Here be treasure…”

  1. Niecey September 10, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    That is so awesome. A treasure indeed!

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