Tot Talk Tuesday

22 Sep

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I’ve never claimed to be a great singer. I can hold a tune but suffer no delusions of talent. Even copious amounts of alcohol haven’t ever convinced me it would be a fine idea to stand up and sing in front of people.

Mind you, it always peeved me that any attempt to jolly Paul along with a song usually resulted in him screaming at me to…

“Beeee QUIET!”


From a very young age he has failed to enjoy or join in any song, nursery rhyme or ditty beyond “Happy Birthday” and “Jingle Bells”. The latter all year round.  He will, however, hum away any John Williams tune he hears, Star Wars and Indiana Jones themes being particular favourites. They probably think at pre-school he’s come from a home devoid of  music other than that he hears on PS3 games. Then again I doubt they encourage them to sing “Number One” or “Bulletproof” or anything by Metrostation at nursery. Oh it’s fine for his tone deaf sister to sing, it’s just me that gets told to “NO! Shut UP!” (he’s moved on from when he was little and cute and only told me to “Beeee QUIET”).  It’s so rewarding for me when his vocabulary branches out in unexpected ways.

At school they do sing something he calls “the goodbye song”, but apparently he gets a poke in the back when he gets it wrong. According to Paul he always gets it wrong.

I asked him to try singing it to me at home without anyone around to tell him he was getting it wrong, “you never know”, I said, “maybe it will come back to you”.

“No Mum, I can’t remember it, my brain is mucking about with his toys so that’s why I can’t remember anything”

Way to wriggle out of a performance. I must remember it next time I end up pickled near a karaoke machine.

My singers



One Response to “Tot Talk Tuesday”

  1. Niecey September 22, 2009 at 11:27 pm #

    That was a cute Tot Talk, as always. And I am in love with the photo. it is amazing! So amazing.

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