23 Sep

I suppose it’s not really scrumping when it’s your Grandma and Papa’s trees. But they’re off on holiday so it felt a wee bit illicit to raid their little back garden orchard in their absence.


I doubt the neighbours were too sure if the noise Paul and I made as we were bonked on the noggin’ by kamikaze apples the size of small footballs was the noise of scrumpers with a family pass or genuine apple raiders.

Actually I doubt kids raid apple trees these days.

Isn’t nostaliga for child thievery just…. well weird?

From three little trees I had gathered in 10 minutes more apples and pears than I could carry.


Plan B


After selecting the perfectly unblemished ones for packed lunch boxes (and there were many) I’m left with this ugly bunch and nowhere to sit down to eat.


I feel a chutney coming on… the question is am I premenstrual enough to have a go at photo-documenting my pickling efforts?



3 Responses to “Scrumping”

  1. Niecey September 24, 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    Oh yum. I love free fruit. Yes I have fond memories of nicking neighbours’ crab apples as a kid. It is nostalgic.

    We just went apple picking and spent a ton of money on way too many apples. It was fun. I’ve made apple crumble, apple sauce and I’m planning on apple pie and apple crisp. I’d love to see a chutney making post!

    Oh and in response to your babywearing comment: I still bring my buggies everywhere. I usually end up carrying my baby and pushing around my camera bag and changing bag and shopping bags hehe. And it’s good to have somewhere to place the baby if I need a break or need to push a big kid on a swing or whatever. I actually have 3 buggies plus one double one. As soon as my kids outgrow them I’ll need to get one of those old people carts with the wheels, for putting stuff in. It’s too convenient.

  2. Neil Tasker September 26, 2009 at 8:04 pm #

    Oh I love home made chutney! (big hint there!)
    Look forward to the photo documentation.
    I wonder if kids still nick apples…..we used to call it dobbing. Great fun. That delicious mix of fear and adventure that you can only get as a child….. ah sweet memories!

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