Aye, soon be that time

28 Sep

Christmas countdown banner

I’ll go first. Hello, my name is Nikkii and it’s been 4 weeks since my first Christmas present was delivered.

I could whisper it in a small faded font but it won’t unreal the situation.

I’ve been sitting on my bum shopping for Christmas gifts for the kids since forever. Probably 1997. Santa doesn’t live in Lapland in our house, he runs Amazon.

It started off with a couple of books but over the years the ease of one-click shopping delivered to my door in anonymous packaging from around the globe has far has eclipsed the High street melee as a satisfying consumer experience.

I’m not sure if my postie feels the same but the endless stream of Amazon boxes from various continents, Play jiffy bags from Jersey and eBay goodies wrapped in exotic carrier bags from Hong Kong and China gets my heart a-thumping every year. Hawkin’s Bazaar, ELC and John Lewis are also annual favourites. I love it!

I’ve tried different sites each year for Ty Beanie Babies and not had much luck recently so my trawl for cute furry things to peep out of the top of three stockings will begin soon.

Once you include the Good Gift catalogue Christmas definitely becomes a global sorta thing for us.

But for all the pluses, the no queueing, the ease of checking several retailers in succession without getting blisters or having a stroke when you have to go back to the first one you tried, the knowing what you’ve spent before you get to the checkout… I don’t half miss the gin & tonic celebration after each purchase.

So every year I save back a couple of things, the sweets, the stocking fillers, the last minute “better get the man something too”, and launch myself into that High Street melee I profess to hate so much. Cos if you don’t hate it, how can you justify escaping to the pub in between shops? Isn’t that really what Christmas is all about?


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