Lest he should forget

29 Sep

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Paul likes to wave off slam the door on his Dad and siblings every morning as they head off to school. It’s one of his “boy things”, you know, things that will induce a complete meltdown if they don’t happen.

His brother carries a whole lot of stuff for his allergies. Whilst there’s a set of epi-pens, steroids, anti-histamines and inhalers in the school office under lock and key, it’s a big place, so I like him to carry at least one set on him… especially when he’s got after school activities.

Andrew’s got another one of those “boy things” going on. An incapacity to learn from mistakes.

Before he slams the door of a morning my 4 year old often shouts out…

“Have you got your inhaler Andrew? Have you got your medicine?”

This would be an “Aaah, cute!” moment but for the days my 12 year old son frowns then rushes back in to start looking for his black bag of drugs.

I think Paul likes the way the word “allergies” rolls off his tongue, and he loves to share his expertise with this word. Poor folk in the park out for a quiet walk with their geriatric dogs are often accosted and bombarded with more information that they can pretend to be interested in…

“I like your dog, my brother Andrew is allergic to dogs and he’s allergic to nuts so that’s why we can’t  have any nuts. He has allergies. Bye!”

or the classic…

“I don’t have allergies but I am allergic to chickenpox. They make me itch that’s why I’m ALLERGIC. I like your baby, Andrew is allergic to babies”

Back up there boy… babies?

I suspect this is because my reaction to “Mum… can I have a dog?” is indistinguishable from my reaction to “Mum.. can I have a baby?”


His talent with words sadly doesn’t include processing and indicating that they have been understood in any way. Take the word “smile” for instance…



3 Responses to “Lest he should forget”

  1. Niecey September 29, 2009 at 4:07 pm #

    Allergies is kind of a cool word. Allergic to babies though? haha. That’s great.

  2. Kathie S. September 29, 2009 at 7:21 pm #

    Very cute. I’ve never heard of allergic to babies (although some of my single friends might identify with that), but I’ve heard of addicted to babies! Guess there are all kinds of reactions to babies, huh!

  3. septembermom September 29, 2009 at 9:02 pm #

    He does love that word “allergies” 🙂 Fun post.

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