12 Oct

Notwithstanding the cultural context making a straight comparison all but pointless it’s humbling to read the story of 16 year old Babar Ali, the world’s youngest headmaster.

He leaves his government funded school every night and travels the 6km home to his village to oversee classes for up to 800 children who have no access to education down to nothing simpler than poverty. What started as a bit of fun, playing teacher for the younger children has grown into an officially recognised, if not funded, endeavour my Babr Ali and 10 other “teachers” reaching out to some of the poorest and most deprived of their neighbours. Children who have no option but to work for a pittance, yet still struggle to find time to fit in time to learn.



And I moan about homework.

The financial burden of Babar Ali’s education to his family is £25.

A year.

Makes you think.


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