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20 Oct

Is everybody just in this for a quick buck? It’s like the early days of the WWW, when it seemed we had to wade through reams of gambling and porn to get to the good stuff…. now I have to wade through “network marketers” and “social media advisors” before I stumble on anything in mommy-bloggie-land that has a remote chance of holding my attention… shockingly fickle and trifling thing that it is.

Precisely what role does a “social media advisor” fulfil? Telling people how to maximise their Facebook exposure? or perhaps how to monetise their Twitter? I feel the need for a scrub down with carbolic soap after  trawling through contextual advertising, I feel especially dirty if I think my simple clicking on the site alone might have earned anyone a single penny in return for nothing more than stealing a few seconds of my life that will never be returned. I have no objection to people earning money if they actually earn it but …

“Ooh it was windy today, we  walked the dog and bought some pinto beans at the market. Me and the TLG (The Little Guy) listened to some Berlioz and made bread knots to hang in our hand woven macrame basket. Here’s a photo of a turd we just missed standing in”.



You got paid for THAT?!!!!!

Stand on the turd, seriously, it would be a far more engaging read and a much better photo opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly adore reading about how others negotiate the domestic cycle we mothers must trudge through alongside all the shiny, loved up and inspiring bits of mumdom. There’s so much I take for granted and many, many of the “everyday life” blogs I enjoy have reminded me to care for and pay attention to things that will pass me by if I don’t watch out. It makes me feel (almost) normal and (almost) spiritually connected when I find someone who wallows with me in a hatred of ironing. I can bond (silently) in domestic ineptitude and inconsitent parenting with my sistas. All those brilliant, consistent and ept (well it stands to reason if I am inept there must be some people out there who consider themselves “ept”) folks, well I know they’re just making it up to annoy the real people… surely?

If you are earning money from my visits I expect a bit more than  confirmation that we all feel the same and links to the Guardian bereft of any supporting argument, or otherwise, but usually supporting, we are talking about The Guardian after all. I can get my inadequacies validated without anyone gaining  materially or financially thank-ye-kindly.


It’s a pyramid really. Not a pyramid scheme as such as there’s no deception and no outlay, but a pyramid nonetheless. Each niche seems to be dominated by up to a dozen or so big names, not all of whom started out necessarily with the intention of making money. They in turn are actively encouraging thousands of followers with freebies and giveaways and dangled fruits of their smugness to believe that they too can reap bloggie riches. Obviously not. Do the sums. This is not a two way financial flow, like shit it floats to the top. And when you get blog after blog making money from telling people how to make money from blogging we are talking (and reading) shit here.

The only saving grace for some of these blog “celebs” is that they write well.  Not all of them mind you… and those that do tend to have either a former or current writing or journalism or PR career in real life. It’s the rest, the majority sadly, that drive me nuts… the ones who have nothing interesting to say and can’t write but think they can and yet still seem to reap material gain from their endeavours. Then write about it. There’s nothing more interesting suicidally mind-numbing than reading tales of how someone who does nothing got something great for doing a particular bit of nothing then told everyone all about it on their blog and sat back to rake in the pennies raised because you foolish sheep, read about it…. except maybe shoving whelks up my nose.

adam3I don’t believe that free markets self regulate, but in this instance I sure as sherlock hope I’m wrong. The good writers, the interesting stories,  and the people who facilitate genuine connections deserve…. stuff.

As soon as my air-head giggles “I want me some of that stuff” my segacious head pipes in with “some of what exactly?”

Anyway, I’d far rather protect my right to waffle a load of codswallop.

I can be as crap as I want.

I’m not a business. Nyah.


4 Responses to “No links here”

  1. Niecey October 20, 2009 at 11:39 pm #

    Right there with ya.

  2. Mwa October 21, 2009 at 12:02 pm #

    I hate all the giveaways and the reviews and the sponsored whatevers. It’s all making me so cynical.

  3. Kath@Parklover October 21, 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    You are funny, I shall return!
    I write about going to the park, so technically I have freebies on offer for anyone interested, in the form of playgrounds and duckponds! I stepped in a turd on my last visit, but I chose not to share that element of my day.If I had read this post already I might have taken a picture of it for the reader’s amusement.

  4. Neil Tasker October 21, 2009 at 11:16 pm #

    Very astute post. I support your right to waffle shite……. not that you do……

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