Ubiquitous Flashback Friday

23 Oct

I’d love to find out who first coined “Flashback Friday”. I first saw it on the Goo Goo Dolls website where they post old video clips (a damn fine way to steam my screen up before the weekend).

I next saw it on a few blog carnivals hosted in the US where participants are invited to shares posts with old photos and the story behind them. I’ve always meant to join one but was keen to locate the original, reluctant to align myself with some bloggie usurper. These things matter to me but none I found seemed  big enough to be considered the “home” of Flashback Friday.

After a bit more digging I’m now beginning to think it might have its roots in US radio shows where they play 80s nostalgia tracks on a Friday. Truly there is much Wikipedia linkage on the matter.

So I’ll not pee in anyone else’s sandpit. I’ll just play along here by myself and if anyone happens to be playing in their own sandpit and wishes to share, please do. Then I can laugh at your old photos after you’ve laughed at mine.

So, how far back to go…

There’s a great big chunk of my life where finding any evidence of my existence will prove difficult for future generations. For pretty much all the years between 25 and 41 I may as well have been in a coma as far as any photographic proof is concerned. For those camera avoiding years I lived and walked and talked and ate my own weight in cheese. The responsibility for recording the period after childhood but before I had children  of my own tended to lie with my drunken friends. Film was expensive and processing even more so, so there’s not a lot recorded apart from nights out after pay day and New Year parties.  The strangest thing (looking back from now) is finding a single roll of film spanning months of real-time. It was obviously prohibitively expensive to waste a whole roll on one night out.

My first flashback takes me back to May 1984. I know it was May 1984 cos the friend who took this photo wrote it on the back. Smart huh? In my photos I have to use my hair colour as a rough guide to when it was taken.


That’s MrW and me. We have not been together 25 years. But we were then are we are now. I’m 17 and still  in 5th Year at school, he’s 22 and works in Oddbins.  We’d met the previous December, through a mutual friend, he smiled at me and I was knocked dead…. by the huge black stitches in his teeth. Given at the time I had no idea you could even get stitches in your teeth I’m not sure what I thought they were, but it’s suffice to say I can point to the exact spot on the floor in the Salutation Hotel where I was standing when he flashed those pearly… black and whites at me. I stood there last November. And I pointed. I was clearly traumatised by this event, even now I can picture it perfectly in my mind. Way to make an impression! A rare and shared love of Marillion bypassed even the teeth. He insists his 6’4″ frame and dark hair lent him enough of a passing resemblance to Fish that I couldn’t help but be smitten. I’m not so sure, I mean, he did work in a wine merchant’s…



3 Responses to “Ubiquitous Flashback Friday”

  1. Mwa October 23, 2009 at 10:07 pm #

    That is very cute. I just stayed with my seventeen-year-old Scot. Saves on moving costs. But hey, each to their own, right?

  2. Barbara October 26, 2009 at 12:19 pm #

    You look fab! Took me right back to my own teenagerhood and some interesting hair choices I made!

  3. mrsw October 26, 2009 at 2:55 pm #

    Thanks peeps – I’ll keep the hair horrors for another Friday – there are many 🙂

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