Stranger in a strange land

24 Oct


I need a new workflow!

This is stressful. I hope it will all be worth it but so far I can’t honestly say I am enjoying the switch to the dark-side… or the light-side. I have no idea anymore!

All I know is this Mac Mini was probably cheaper and definitely easier than having the @I have recovered you 10 times already@ HP Pavilion repaired.

Yeah – my ” is now @ and my @ is now ” – go figure.

Things might be a bit shaky round here for a while and the children are learning some new night-time words during the day.

So far iPhoto is pants, there’s no maximise button that actually maximises a window to full screen (oops is window a swear word now?) and  I hate that Photoshop doesn’t have a blank background as all my other stuff just clutters it up.

Apart from that… I’m now a Mac.

Wish me luck.


One Response to “Stranger in a strange land”

  1. Barbara October 26, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    Cripes, am I allowed to talk to you now you’ve gone Mac?

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