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4 Mar

From near to far, from here to there,
Brilliant blogs are everywhere.

After years hovering on the fringe of the US blogosphere I am thoroughy enjoying finding out there was a British and European one all along. DUH! A few of the weekly carnivals and workshops that have been running over there for years are now wending their way over here, being picked up by people with more time and energy to devote to this blogging lark that I could ever muster. I predict Everyday Iron Chef will be next! But it’s especially exciting when something I haven’t seen before comes along. Heather @ Notes From Lapland’s Secret Post Club and her foray with Karin @ Cafe Bebe into vlogging with Just Vlog It are both a breath of fresh air, as is Erica @ Little Mummy’s co-ordinated Guest Post Day (tommorow – yikes! just finished in time).

It’s nice to see new stuff.

This blog only really got on it’s feet when I decided to make it my (now utterly failed!) 365 Project. Photography was the impetus to keep it going when so many of my blogs have failed, dying a quiet, unnoticed death. My (almost) weekly participation in the competitions over at iHeartFaces was the real driving force that kept this blog alive.  I have learned so much from all the photographers, both professional and amatuer hobbyists, over there I cannot thank them enough and all for free! I’ve often wondered if I could share all I’ve learned here in some way but I’ve always concluded the best thing to do is just point anyone interested in their direction.

Recently I’ve been wandering off into words and relying on my ever aging archive for images to include in posts. I am keen to get back on the photography track and am really pleased to see Tara @ Sticky Fingers pick up and run with a You Capture style weekly photo challenge, The Gallery. I tried and failed to find the time for You Capture many weeks but will really try (I WILL try!) with The Gallery, to take some new photos rather than rely on what I already have (just as soon as it gets light!).

One of the iHeartfaces features I enjoy most is Fix it Friday when they publish a photo on Flickr that the photographer who took it thinks isn’t quite right, and we are given a free rein to fix it up with our objective eye. It’s great when you really don’t know what it is they think needs fixing and you are able to come up with something they didn’t envisage. I have only been taking photos, well decent-ish photos, for just over a year. I have, however, been using Photoshop for 17 years and am still learning new techniques and tricks. I suspect photography will be the same!  Whilst I do use some Actions and professional noiseware reduction software, most of my basic editing is done manually and freehand.

And since I enjoy it so much I’ve decided to offer some Free Fixins.

I’m not a professional by any stretch of the imagination! I do this for fun. A professionally edited image will cost you anything from £10 to £30 or more.

As an example of the sort of things I can do, here are some of my past Fix it Fridays.


I picked these since they are a good example of the sort of bulk edits I can churn out in a a few hours, rather than the more… time intensive stuff…


Faceless stuff too of course…


I know some people are a  bit meh about photo editing, but I’m no purist. There’s been editing since there’s been cameras and no camera truly captures what the human eye can. If I ever get to the stage where I take a photo and think “Ach I’ll just edit that bit in Photoshop” rather than taking another, trying to get it right… then I’ll be giving myself a swift kick!

For now I’m quite happy to recover what I can from some of my less well composed, less perfectly exposed shots.

So, do you have a photo that didn’t quite turn out how you’d planned? Are you stuck editing it yourself and think an objective eye might help?  Just fancy challenging me with an “unfixable” shot? No aliens…. or maybe yes aliens?

You will retain all rights to any images I edit. All I ask is that you grant me permission to display them here. In return I will provide 2 or more different edits in JPEG format of the highest quality possible, dependent on the original image.

You can either leave me a comment with a link to your photo (the bigger the better, Flickr or Photobucket or something similar would be the bees knees) or contact me and we can arrange how to transfer photos back and forth. Either way include “Free Fixins” in your message so I can save it from the black hole of spam.


7 Responses to “Free Fixins”

  1. Marylin March 4, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    Ooooh I may just try to find a challenge for you there missy! *goes for a walk through her archives*… eh, I might be a while! 😉

  2. Working Mum March 4, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

    There’s an offer. I’ll have to try and think of one of mine you can have a go at.

    You really are a whizz at the Photoshop stuff! Thanks for your e-mail about how you do some of your wizadry. I haven’t managed to do half of what I want to with my DSLR, but that’s me, always trying to do too much. One day I’ll go on a few courses for photograpy and editing. I’ve always been a keen photographer (dad had a dark room and taught me a lot), but purist I am not, I think all this digital editing just adds a new dimension to photography as an art form.

  3. Heather March 4, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    oh this is a lovely idea! i’m sure i have one for you…I maybe some time….

  4. Dad Who Writes March 4, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    That’s a really generous offer! I’m too much of a control freak to take you up on it but I do applaud the altruism.

  5. Barbara March 7, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    You’re going to be overwhelmed with offers of photo’s to fix! If you run out though, I’m fairly sure about 99% of mine could use fixin. I’ll find one that I’d like looked at and send you a flickr link (I think I’ve got a flickr account by default).

  6. Priness_L_88 March 7, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    wow, those photos are beautiful! I’m just getting into photo editing using picasa but am already finding that I edit it and then want to do something else that it doesn’t do! Argh! *dreams of having the money for photoshop*


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    […] that Stepford look if I can! So here’s the original and 3 fixes. Incidentally I am offering Free Fixins to anyone who’s looking for a fresh eye and a bit of Tattyshopping.  Just for fun! See here […]

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