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iHeartFaces Foto Fixin Friday

8 Oct

iHeartFaces are running a Constructive Feedback Friday this week – and I think it’s still Friday here in Scotland – just – so here goes.

First up this little stunner.

The trick needed here is to selectively increase the exposure.

So to start with I open the photo in Photoshop and add an exposure adjustment layer increasing the exposure +2.41. I then use a layer mask to remove the increased exposure from the background and flatten the image.

This revealed a bt too much shine on the face for my liking so to reduce this I am gonna blur it a bit.

First of all I select the skin using Select, Colour Range and set the fuzziness to 130 before clicking anywhere on the face.

Copy and paste the selected pixels to a new layer and hide the bottom layer. It should look like this…

That’s too much of the photo to blur so using the eraser tool with a soft edge get rid of everything you want to keep sharp, remembering eyes, mouth and eyebrows!

Now use Filter-Blur-Surface Blur and set it to Radious 44 and Threshold 54 to really exaggerate the blur

Turn the back layer on again and what you’ve got now is one very plastic looking child – but worry ye not.

Reduce the opacity of the top layer to 20% … less is more right?

Okay – we could stop there but I’ve not had a chance to play with Lightroom yet so I save it as a PSD file and imported it into LR3.

And slide those sliders.

  • Temp +9
  • Fill Light 14
  • Blacks 7
  • Vibrance +11
  • Sharpening 68
  • Noise Reduction 19
  • Colour 13
  • Post Crop Vignetting Amount -20


And if you can’t be bothered scrolling back to see the original…

I’ve not touched the crop cos I like it as it is – just needed a bit more sunshine!


Fix it Friday #73

1 Oct

Must do more Friday Fixes…

Must do more Friday Fixes…

I’ve given myself lines 🙂


My LR3 Edit

I slid some sliders.

It was a fabulous photo to begin with.

So I fake TTV’d it for fun.

TTV Edit

You can get fake TTV layers on Flickr – this one is from DLSDesigns

Obviously not as easy as giving Hipstatmatic for iPhone a good shake.

But I do like a challenge.

Fix it Friday #70

10 Sep

Wow – 70 weeks of Fix it Friday. That’s donkeys it is.

I’m officially converted to the Lightroom side – seriously converted. If you haven’t bought it yet why not?

This fix took me 10 seconds.

I’m not even trying anymore.

Import in Lightroom 3. Sharpen a lot. Noise Reduction about half. Slight warm. Slight Vignette. Badaboom.

10 seconds from this…

to this….

I’m gobsmacked at what this software can do!

iHeartFaces: Photojournalism

30 Aug

I’m not comfortable taking photos of people in the street, candid. Which explains why my photos from Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Worldwide Photowalk which I joined in Kissimmee were a bit…. meh. I was ridiculously self-conscious despite being part of a huge crowd of photowalkers. Our photowalk leader Mark Pino even furnished us all with badges to circumvent any awkward questions.

No it did not help to know that 33,496 other people around the world were doing it too.

I’m what they call backward in coming forward if you know what I mean!

But it was fun, and plans are afoot… I will be running a photowalk in Edinburgh very soon. Watch this space. Actually go watch iHeartFaces for some photojournalism piccies…. see? it’s all connected 🙂

iHeartFaces – Got To Wear Shades

16 Aug

My niece – she likes the camera.

And her shades.

iHeartFaces: Teens Only

6 Jul

Sometimes I’ll be happily dumping gigabytes of RAW files onto the first hard drive I can find with a smidgen of space and I’ll come across a photo that makes me go “Huh?” as in “Huh? Who took that?”.

All three of my children have a habit of sneaking my camera away when I’m not watching. Actually my daughter, now 15, started these shenanigans when she was a pre-schooler back in the days of film. More than once I’ve parted with hard earned cash in return for a whole reel of photos of stuffed furry things posed in a row.

This is Kathryn’s latest surprise shot caught when I was otherwise engaged.

I like surprises.

iHeartFaces – Teens

21 Jun

The next couple of weeks over at iHeartFaces are focussing on teens, be they models, photographers or guest judges, it’s make way for the young uns!

I took Kathryn, 15, out for a session last night since there’s finally some SUN here. We went back to the same location I’d had a go at last week with Paul and I managed to get a lot of pretty decently exposed, sharp, well posed photos….. but for some reason I’m drawn to this totally overexposed, badly sited effort.

On the whole I think I got better shots in the middle of the day bright sunshine than I did in the evening with the sun setting on us. You live and learn! Or is it practice and learn? One of them.