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iHeartFaces Foto Fixin Friday

8 Oct

iHeartFaces are running a Constructive Feedback Friday this week – and I think it’s still Friday here in Scotland – just – so here goes.

First up this little stunner.

The trick needed here is to selectively increase the exposure.

So to start with I open the photo in Photoshop and add an exposure adjustment layer increasing the exposure +2.41. I then use a layer mask to remove the increased exposure from the background and flatten the image.

This revealed a bt too much shine on the face for my liking so to reduce this I am gonna blur it a bit.

First of all I select the skin using Select, Colour Range and set the fuzziness to 130 before clicking anywhere on the face.

Copy and paste the selected pixels to a new layer and hide the bottom layer. It should look like this…

That’s too much of the photo to blur so using the eraser tool with a soft edge get rid of everything you want to keep sharp, remembering eyes, mouth and eyebrows!

Now use Filter-Blur-Surface Blur and set it to Radious 44 and Threshold 54 to really exaggerate the blur

Turn the back layer on again and what you’ve got now is one very plastic looking child – but worry ye not.

Reduce the opacity of the top layer to 20% … less is more right?

Okay – we could stop there but I’ve not had a chance to play with Lightroom yet so I save it as a PSD file and imported it into LR3.

And slide those sliders.

  • Temp +9
  • Fill Light 14
  • Blacks 7
  • Vibrance +11
  • Sharpening 68
  • Noise Reduction 19
  • Colour 13
  • Post Crop Vignetting Amount -20


And if you can’t be bothered scrolling back to see the original…

I’ve not touched the crop cos I like it as it is – just needed a bit more sunshine!


Fix it Friday #73

1 Oct

Must do more Friday Fixes…

Must do more Friday Fixes…

I’ve given myself lines 🙂


My LR3 Edit

I slid some sliders.

It was a fabulous photo to begin with.

So I fake TTV’d it for fun.

TTV Edit

You can get fake TTV layers on Flickr – this one is from DLSDesigns

Obviously not as easy as giving Hipstatmatic for iPhone a good shake.

But I do like a challenge.

Location scouting and playing with Adobe Lightroom 3… and relax

17 Jun

I think I’m more than a little bit in love with Adobe Lightroom 3.

For the first time in days my heart wasn’t beaten down with clouds by 9am. Disappointing doesn’t even come close to describing the glorious blue skies I have been waking up to every morning transforming into grey shrouded skies by the time the school run is done. I need sun.

This morning Paul and I went location testing, just in case, you know, I ever pluck up the courage to photograph some kid not related to me.

And the sun kept on shining.

So much so the photographer bit of me sought some shade.

My boy was a 6 star practice model. 7 even.

Most of the time…

He’s a monster!

No he’s not…

So yeah, Lightroom 3. I am 7 days into a free 30 day trial and already fretting at the thought of losing it. I tried Lightroom 2 when it was new and wasn’t really impressed. It took me ages to get my head round the (lack of) filing transparency – but I think my Windows 3.1 head finally got over all that when we bought the Mac Mini last year. I almost don’t care where things are stored. Almost.

So what do I love about it?

I love that I can edit a photo, tweak away til I’m happy as a proverbial pig then go to the next photo and hit ONE button and apply the exact same tweaks to that photo too. When taking a lot of photos in the same conditions this is, frankly, big time shawsomeness

MrW tells me it’s only £65 education price so that’s calmed me down. If you have kids you usually qualify for education price – yay!

You’ll have to find you’re own gorgeous model though – this one’s taken…

When I get me a full copy of LR3 I am so going to bore you all with my learning curve – it’s powerful, affordable and perfect for both beginners and professional photographers.

And no this is NOT a sponsored post – I’m just so in love with LR3 I feel the need to share.

Later peeps!