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iHeartFaces Foto Fixin Friday

8 Oct

iHeartFaces are running a Constructive Feedback Friday this week – and I think it’s still Friday here in Scotland – just – so here goes.

First up this little stunner.

The trick needed here is to selectively increase the exposure.

So to start with I open the photo in Photoshop and add an exposure adjustment layer increasing the exposure +2.41. I then use a layer mask to remove the increased exposure from the background and flatten the image.

This revealed a bt too much shine on the face for my liking so to reduce this I am gonna blur it a bit.

First of all I select the skin using Select, Colour Range and set the fuzziness to 130 before clicking anywhere on the face.

Copy and paste the selected pixels to a new layer and hide the bottom layer. It should look like this…

That’s too much of the photo to blur so using the eraser tool with a soft edge get rid of everything you want to keep sharp, remembering eyes, mouth and eyebrows!

Now use Filter-Blur-Surface Blur and set it to Radious 44 and Threshold 54 to really exaggerate the blur

Turn the back layer on again and what you’ve got now is one very plastic looking child – but worry ye not.

Reduce the opacity of the top layer to 20% … less is more right?

Okay – we could stop there but I’ve not had a chance to play with Lightroom yet so I save it as a PSD file and imported it into LR3.

And slide those sliders.

  • Temp +9
  • Fill Light 14
  • Blacks 7
  • Vibrance +11
  • Sharpening 68
  • Noise Reduction 19
  • Colour 13
  • Post Crop Vignetting Amount -20


And if you can’t be bothered scrolling back to see the original…

I’ve not touched the crop cos I like it as it is – just needed a bit more sunshine!


Who says?

26 Aug

I have too much time on my hands?


What have I gone and done diddly done?

12 Jun

I’ve been pottering around with Photoshop for over 15 years now and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do. I often lose myself for hours following online tutorials and chasing tips and tricks in an endless chain of hyperlinks. It’s a well known fact that a Photoshop minute, like a Microsoft minute, bears little resemblance to 60 seconds that pass in normal time. So I’ve heard of Scott Kelby.

What I didn’t know, but do now thanks to Very Annie Mary, is that Scott Kelby organises an annual Worldwide Photowalk. This year’s will be the third and so far nearly 10,000 people have signed up to join nearly 600 walks all over the world, including here. There are walks organised the length of the UK from the south coast all the way up to Stirling.

Yup Stirling! Less than 30 miles away.

Obviously I was keen to sign up for this – what’s not to love about getting together with a bunch of camera wielding strangers led by a professional photographer, taking oodles of photos and retiring to some suitable hostelry afterwards for a bit of imbibing and a natter?

Then I saw the date. Right slap bang in the middle of my holiday.


So…. totally out of character I thought “Stuff it, I really want to do this”, and checked to see if there were any close by our holiday villa.

And I’ve only gone and signed myself up for a 2 hour evening photowalk in Kissimmee (eeek!).

Not content with catapulting myself into the company of Scottish strangers who will at least understand me, oh no not me, why do something that easy when I can challenge myself to mix with a group of American strangers!

I’ve yet to meet an American lacking in self confidence.

I’ve also yet to meet an unfriendly American.

Still, I’m bricking it so if anyone’s in Florida on 24th July and wants to meet, y’know, I’ll be there, trying to hide!

You thought I was bricking it about The MADS?


Butlins will be a breeze after this.

I accept your challenge….

8 Apr

A quick fixup for Barbara and thanks to Marylin for setting me a challenge before I go offline for a week (eek!)

Basic Fix

Sunny Fix

I can’t remember all the steps that got me from the Original to the Basic Fix, it’s really quite an organic process. I rarely do the same thing twice, a bit like making a curry I suppose!.  I usually at some point use MCP Actions Clairify, Alien Skin Sharpen and Imagenomic Noiseware. I also faffed around with levels and S-Curves and colour balance. I did quite a bit of colour balance correction on this to create a warmer skin-tone since all my brightening steps fairly washed him out!

The Sunny Fix is the Basic Fix plus:-

  • Added a Levels Adjustment Layer and selected the Red channel. Slid the center point to the left to add a pink tinge – I went down to 1.44 the reduced the  layer opacity to 78%
  • Added a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment layer and upper the Brightness to 13 and the Contrast to 43
  • Added a Lens Flare layer – created a new layer and filled with 50% gray, added a lens flare (Filter, Render, Lens Flare), changed the layer blending to Hard Light then moved the flare over to the left of the photo. Backfilled with 50% gray
  • Lastly I created a new layer and applied a gradient fill from white to transparent from the top left corner towards the centre of the photo
Colourful Fix

Black & White Fix

The Gallery #4: Me

24 Mar

Sometimes I blow hot

Sometimes I blow cold

Sometimes I wish I could find the ruddy tripod!

PS: Marylin at Softthistle has actually met me IRL and will assure you I don’t actually look like this – over exposing a photo is very very kind on 43 year old skin but I don’t walk around with a 200W bulb pointing at my face to white out my features…. most days.

Here they are SooC

me sooc

More “mes” or maybe I mean “yous” over @Sticky Fingers


Fix it Friday #44

19 Feb

I don’t think this photo benefits at all from all my usual Photoshop shenanigans. After cropping, brightening, a couple of adjustment curves, exposure adjustment, at least 3 colour filters, sharpening, reducing noise, sharpening again – well I got lost!  I think I’ll  leave it at that.

Wordless Wednesday

17 Feb


Wordless Wednesday