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I made the front cover

2 Oct

A few months ago I put a call out on Twitter for ideas. I’d been asked to take photos for the local Rugby Club’s calendar.

In the end the organisers had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and it involved a lot of indoor photography. Not confident that I could do them justice, even with a loan of a directional flash, I had to pass on the job and advised them to get a photographer with some decent lighting kit.

They did, but came back to me in September and asked if I could do a couple of outdoor shots, one for the cover and a Christmas themed one for December.

So I made the cover.


My first printed and sold for money work.

Not money for me of course – money for the club.

You’d be surprised how little I.. ahem.. saw on this shoot.

No really.

I was all like “frame it”, and “expose it right first time cos these guys are not going to be happy if I ask them for a re-run!”

Even when they all mucked in and turned the score board round so it wasn’t in direct sunlight, I was metering and faffing around with the settings on my camera.

It was all very decorous.


And they were very good sports.

Or is the word “exhibitionists”?